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Do You Set Goals with Your Young Student?

Your answer is likely no. And I didn’t used to either to be honest with you. Although I do it, I really don’t enjoy setting goals as an adult, so I hadn’t put my child through that kind of discomfort. What changed my perspective you ask? Not too long ago, I was helping my 5 year old daughter get ready for bed when she told me she wanted to be a better reader so she could read more books by herself. That was my lightbulb moment! She was setting her own goal without even realizing it and without my prompting.

Goal setting can help develop a successful student and help children reach their full potential. When children set and achieve goals, they learn valuable lessons about perseverance and resilience. It is important to foster an environment of goal setting in the home, so that children understand that they can work towards and accomplish their goals. As a parent with years of experience under my belt, I am now realizing this. Teaching children goal setting...

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