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Give Your Child a Lifelong Advantage!

Children exposed to high-impact early learning between the crucial ages of 0 – 6 have been proven to have a vastly more connected brain, with lifelong implications for learning, achievement, emotional resilience and well-being.

Masterminds’ proprietary  programs combine a mother’s traditional wisdom with 60 years of research in child development by Nobel Prize winners to nurture Intellectual, Physical and Social Excellence in children through joyous learning.


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Give Your Child A Lifelong Advantage with Masterminds Early Learning

Access award-winning, private preschool education at a fraction of the cost. Limited time offer at only $99.99/month (regularly $249.99/month)


Masterminds Online Preschool offers a proven, award-winning curriculum to accelerate children’s development in the crucial years from 0 – 6. Our game-changing curriculum is based on the latest neuroscience in child development.

Fully rounded, award-winning preschool curriculum

Daily lessons and worksheets for English Reading & Encyclopedic Knowledge; Math & Critical Thinking; Curiosity Science Lab; Music & Suzuki Violin; Creative Arts; Yoga and PE; French (Spanish coming soon)

Nurturing teachers with deep early years expertise

Our programs are taught by specialist teachers with a genuine love of teaching young children

Extraordinary Learning Outcomes

Masterminds students can read independently by the ages of 3-5 in two or more languages; have a superior grasp of math, science and world knowledge and excel in the arts, physical and music

Did You Know?

Based on over 60 years of research in child development by Nobel Prize winners:

  • All children are born potential geniuses
  • Every child is born with 100 billion unconnected neurons in its brain
  • These neurons begin to connect at a very rapid rate between 0 - 6 years, the crucial age for a child’s learning foundation
  • A child is more adept to learn anything during the first 6 years of life than he will be at any other stage
  • The ability of a child is a product of stimulation and opportunity, not of a preset alarm clock or a predetermined genetic design
  • Children would rather learn than do anything else - as long as the process is joyous
  • Capable children are happy children – a better connected brain has lifelong implications for learning, achievement, emotional resilience and well-being


Introducing knowledge through our specialized methodology has been proven to grow neural connections in the brain exponentially and multiply the learning child’s intelligence and capabilities


What will living in a world in constant flux require from our children?

A profound structural shift in the global market is not some future occurrence – it is taking place now and is likely to be accelerated by the current circumstances. We’re not just experiencing disruption but a redistribution of jobs that will require entirely different skills. The pace of disruptive change is expected to increase exponentially.

Masterminds programs have been proven to embed behavioral traits critical for a world undergoing constant change:

  • Tremendous Curiosity
  • Love of Learning
  • Enhanced Comprehension
  • Resilience
  • Adaptability
  • Human Values & Empathy

These behavioral traits create a cascading effect that leads to Confidence, Success and Happiness throughout their lives.


"The Harvard of Preschools" - Masterminds Parent

Masterminds Private Preschools operate around the world with tuition fees ranging from $20,000 - $25,000 per year. Parents can now access this proven, award-winning curriculum through our Online School at a small fraction of the cost.


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