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Did You Know? 

Based on over 60 years of research in child development by Nobel Prize winners:

  • All children are born potential geniuses
  • Every child is born with 100 billion unconnected neurons in its brain
  • These neurons begin to connect at a very rapid rate between 0 - 6 years, the crucial age for a child’s learning foundation
  • A child is more adept to learn anything during the first 6 years of life than he will be at any other stage
  • The ability of a child is a product of stimulation and opportunity, not of a preset alarm clock or a predetermined genetic design
  • Children would rather learn than do anything else - as long as the process is joyous
  • Capable children are happy children – a better connected brain has lifelong implications for learning, achievement, emotional resilience and well-being

Introducing knowledge through our specialized methodology has been proven to grow neural connections in the brain exponentially and multiply the learning child’s intelligence and capabilities.


What will living in a world in constant flux require from our children?

A profound structural shift in the global market is not some future occurrence – it is taking place now and is likely to be accelerated by the current circumstances. We’re not just experiencing disruption but a redistribution of jobs that will require entirely different skills. The pace of disruptive change is expected to increase exponentially.

Masterminds programs have been proven to embed behavioral traits critical for a world undergoing constant change:

  • Tremendous Curiosity
  • Love of Learning
  • Enhanced Comprehension
  • Resilience
  • Adaptability
  • Human Values & Empathy

These behavioral traits create a cascading effect that leads to Confidence, Success and Happiness throughout their lives.


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