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Four Tips for Supporting a Successful Student During the Holidays

This will be our second to last post in our ‘Successful Students’ series. There are five previous posts in this series which provide a variety of tips and ideas for parents and caregivers to develop successful students. In this article, we will be exploring four tips to help you as a parent or guardian support your little student during the busy holiday season. Regardless of where you are located in the world and which holidays your family celebrates, the end of the year can be filled with lots of excitement. Often times this excitement can lead to a sense of overwhelm in small children. Even as adults we often experience feelings of chaos and out of control with holiday parties, travel schedules, and busy day to day obligations. As adults we are responsible for providing a sense of calm and routine to our households. If we are feeling overwhelmed by our busy holiday schedules, it will inevitably trickle down to our little ones. The goal of this post is to provide you...

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