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Is Part-Time Homeschooling Right For You?

It’s all we hear about lately- inflation and the ever-increasing cost of goods and food. Everything seems to be more expensive than ever before. In some cases, this is translating to stay-at-home parents finding themselves going back to work. When this happens, many parents and caregivers feel they need to give up the dream of homeschooling their child. What if I told you that you didn’t have to kiss the dream good-bye just yet? That it is possible to be a working parent and a part-time homeschooling parent. Would you believe me?

Part time homeschooling can be a great compromise for working parents looking to incorporate home learning.

What is part time homeschooling and what can it provide?

As stated in an article on, part-time homeschooling or partial homeschooling as it is sometimes called, means that parents may opt to teach just one subject at home or teach the core subjects at home such as Math and Reading and send their child to a physical school for...

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