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Top Five Tips for Improving Picky Eating

Welcome back to our Top 5 Parenting Series. The previous posts in this series include ‘Top 5 Rainy Day Ideas for Parents’, ‘Top 5 Tips for Creating Better Sleep for Your Child’, and ‘Top 5 Tips for Raising Independent Children’. In this post, our fourth post in the series, we will explore tips for helping expand your child’s palate.

As a registered and licensed dietitian with over a decade of experience in working with individuals and families in education, I am well versed in working with ‘picky eaters’. Picky eating is a common issue among children and adults alike. It can be challenging to encourage someone to try new foods, but there are ways to help improve picky eating habits. With patience and persistence, individuals can learn to expand their palates and enjoy a variety of nutritious foods. In this article, we will explore five strategies for overcoming picky eating in children while building a healthy relationship with...

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