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Live Group Sessions Contribute to Successful Students

We are continuing with our “Successful Students” blog series. Previous posts in this series include “Tips for Raising a Successful Student”, “Capable Children are Happy Children Who Turn Into Successful Students”, “Back to School Tips for the Homeschooling Parent to Raise a Successful Student”, and “Using the Environment to Develop a Successful Student”.

In this post we will be digging deep into the live group sessions offered by Masterminds Early Learning. We will share basic information about these sessions as well as review benefits to students participating in them, material covered, as well as why we offer these sessions at all.

About the Live Group Sessions

Live group sessions twice per week contribute to creating successful students.

The live group sessions at Masterminds Early Learning come in a package of two live sessions per week that are twenty minutes each. During this time, students will be instructed by a Masterminds Instructor. Our live group sessions do not cover material that is part of the on-demand Masterminds Early Learning Curriculum. The reason for this is that many of our students have been with us for years while at the same time we are constantly admitting new students to our program. We never want a new student to feel like they have ‘missed out’ on previous content. We have designed these sessions to continuously evolve while always making room for newcomers. Our groups max out at 6 students per session although many of our groups are smaller in order to allow for each student to receive personal attention and instruction. The instructor has the discrepancy to reduce the number of students depending on the needs of each group.

Benefits to Students Participating in the Live Group Sessions

There are many benefits to participating in live group sessions such as learning to use technology, interacting with peers, and personalized attention.

There are many benefits to including your homeschooling child in small live group sessions with their peers. While homeschooling is extremely beneficial for families who need more flexibility in their schedule, being on a schedule twice per week to attend live group sessions can provide much needed structure in some cases. During these lessons, children learn to navigate and use technology in an academic setting to improve their academic learning. Technology is such a vital part of everyone’s life these days that teaching our children to use technology to improve their learning is an important lesson. Many of the parents who have children registered in our live group sessions have said that the sessions have been beneficial in giving them a break. It is also a great opportunity for the teaching adult to learn new games and activities. Imagine being a fly on the wall inside a learning classroom! The benefit of a different instructor is not only to the parent, though. It is also beneficial for a student to learn from an additional adult in their life. Each teacher presents material in different ways and these classes offer our students the opportunity to learn to be adaptable in how each teacher teaches lessons.

These sessions offer the opportunity for students to interact with their peers. This is another opportunity for our students to develop their social skills. With our classes including children from all over the United States- and even outside of the United States in some cases- children are meeting peers from other geographical areas and backgrounds that they would likely never have the chance to meet otherwise.

Ms. Alexandra, one of Instructors, stated that the top benefits she notices for students include personalized attention, flexibility on time/days for lessons, and a range of engaging topics included.  With such small group sizes, each child feels like they are being included and acknowledged by the instructor constantly throughout the session. Ms. Alexandra is extremely accommodating of finding times that work for children to be included in the live group sessions. And with so many sessions going on, should you have a change in your schedule, we are almost always able to find a time that works for your little student to join a new group.

In addition to your child’s learning being stretched through our on-demand program, you will find your child is exposed to new topics and content in our live group sessions as well. Some of the recent topics discussed in these groups include the continents of the world, the five oceans, the seasons of the year, and a variety of life cycles including trees, plants, and flowers. We’ve discussed fruits and veggies and the seasons for each. We’ve also reviewed the planets and our five senses. These topics are explored in a variety of ways depending on the age, but we are always learning through conversation, singing, and books.

Our Passion is Teaching Toddlers

We believe all children have massive amounts of potential inside just waiting to be developed.

If you have read any of our previous blog posts or spent any time on our website, you will notice that our passion is teaching toddlers. We believe that all children have incredible potential waiting to be nourished and allowed the opportunity to bloom. We believe that exposing children to topics and ideas that expand their knowledge base and challenge their thinking leads to adults who are able to think outside of the box and adapt to new challenges. We want every child to have the best opportunity to be a successful adult, and we believe that starts by developing successful students.

Have you trialed our live group sessions yet?

If you haven’t had the opportunity to trial our live group sessions yet, we extend an invitation for you to do so. When you sign up, you will receive two weeks free to trial these and decide if it is the right fit for your student. Classes are available five days each week. While we ideally would like you to trial our on-demand classes in conjunction with our live group sessions, that is not required. If you have a homeschooling curriculum you are happy with and are only looking for a live group session to offer your child an opportunity to interact with another instructor and their peers, we can be a great fit for you.


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